• Inspired Eyes : Always Play

    I  believe children have mastered the art of play. I find that most adults spend their entire lives trying to re-learn this art.  The concept of playing can become so elusive in the humdrum day to day responsibilities of adults. This can sometime make the idea of having fun foreign. I know this because I've had to emerge out of this way of thinking.

    You've even seen kids play on a summer afternoon?  Their thirst for curiosity and ability to imagine worlds beyond adult reason can extend to sunset. They frolic on their lawn tiring in summer hazes and cooling off with water balloon battles and tons of ice cream.They are free without an limitations to be themselves and they enjoy every minute of it with laughter. It's so hard to be around  children who are playing without joining in the fun. Their carefree is too enticing to ignore. What I've come to internalize is this... the over all reaching goal isn't that adults should forget/relinquish about their responsibilities, but find the same freedom and curiosity for life that children have while playing when completing those responsibilities. 

    Always playing is one of the important principles I try to incorporate in my life and work daily. Primarily it keeps my inner child from growing old. I think George Bernard Shaw knew this when he said " We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” When I am photographing children, it's so easy to join in on their fun. I've had to force myself to focus while capturing theme because I get lost in their play as well. In my  ongoing journey of interpreting the world around me I hope to never stop playing. I'd like to keep this way of thinking even if I get to 100 years old. Here are some of my favorite playing moments that  I've captured that I hope you can enjoy.

  • Inspired Eyes : Laugh Often

    One of the best phenomena's in life I have to acknowledge is laughing. In particular, the kind of laugh that has tears flowing down your checks while your stomach aches leaving you gasping for air. Yep!! that laugh. When it gets super intense for me,  I make it a priority to try and find spaces to laugh often. I know you might think, we'll most good laughs come unexpectedly and trying to force one wont have the same effect. This can be true. But over the years, I've learned to master what scenarios to place myself in hopes of getting a good laugh.

    Sometimes I get the "omg I am going to die laugh"  and other times I get the "lol that was a good one" kind of laugh. In either case, it's good for the soul and I've learned to take all I can get. To get a laugh I usually do a few things: I look-up my favorite comedian on Netflix or YouTube, I call up a friend whom I know will have interesting stories to share (I have tons) or I take a stroll to the park and watch children and pets be spontaneous. I find joy in all of these.  When that laughing moment comes, for those 30 second or more, nothing else matters. I'm immediately thrusted into a space where everything before the 30 seconds vanished and I'm immediately free of of any emotional hindrances. It's an interesting and beautiful phenomena. And because I know a good laugh and how to get one, I'd like to beleive I am able to evoke and capture it in others. 

    My clients laughing is one of my favorite elements in capturing their stories. When I am able to have a client laugh and be free in a comfortable space in front of me , it's truly magical. I find that in their freedom and comfortable space, a contagious spark is lit. From that moment on, anyone who sees thier image wont be able to stop from smiling or laughing themselves. Is'nt that something amazing !!???  Here are a few of my favorite magical laughing moments I've had in my sessions. I dare you not smile or laugh. ( no please go ahead and smile)